‘MOVE Live on Tour’: Park City, Kansas – Fan Photos, Tweets, and Videos From Opening Night!!!

From the way that twitter blew up, it sounds like opening night at the Hartman Arena was a HUUUUUGE success!!! Honestly, there was so much stuff being tweeted and instagrammed, it was hard keeping up! I don’t know if I can do this every night… we’ll see! =)

Collected a bunch of my favorite tweets about tonight’s show. Some are really funny too!

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Sooooo… a few spoilers I gathered from twitter and Instagram. Derek did NOT sing the new song ‘Move’ during the show… =( But he does sing ‘Say Something’ with Julianne, as well as, ‘Mustang Sally (his all time favorite…lol). Julianne sang ‘Stars’, originally by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals. I was also told that Julianne sang an original song.

I also found out that you can buy shirts ($35 pink/white/black), hoodies, sweatpants, bracelets, and a tour program. Bring your wallet!!

Songs I heard on the videos: ‘Timber’ by Ke$ha, ‘All of Me’ by John Legend, ‘Feel Again’ by One Republic, and ‘Great Balls of Fire’, ‘Hey Pachuco’, ‘Grown Woman’ by Beyonce, ‘Happy’ by Pharrell, ‘All Night’ by Icona Pop, ‘Dare You’ by Hardwell, ‘Holy Grail’ by Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z.


This totally made me cry… Full video of Derek and Julianne singing ‘Say Something’. So beautiful!

Cast dancing to ‘Happy’! Looks like the opening of the show.

Derek & the guys dancing to ‘Holy Grail’.

Derek & Julianne swing dancing. Derek also TAP DANCING!

Fan dancing with Derek!

Julianne dancing to Grown Woman

PHOTO GALLERY… About 62 pictures!!! Enjoy!

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Grown Woman

Julianne singing Stars

Derek & Julianne singing Say Something

Derek dancing Samba

Whole Cast Hip Hip Routine

Cast dancing to Timber

Cast Dancing to Feel Again

Say Something/All of me

Derek singing Mustang Sally

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Derek and Julianne Dancing to Great Balls of Fire

Derek & the guys dancing to Holy Grail

Julianne and her girls

Derek and Julianne dancing to ‘Hey Pachuco’

Added on June 23, 2014, courtesy of Heather Roman:


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