‘Move Live on Tour’: Atlanta, GA (06/17/2014) – Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Tweets, Photos, Reviews and Videos!

‘Move Live on Tour’ landed in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 17 at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center! They had a day off in between the Sarasota and Atlanta shows and many of the dancers tweeted what they did during their R&R time.. like work out and go sightseeing!! Fans tweeted out lots of love for Derek and Julianne’s show, as well as, amazing photos and videos. Check them out below! I also found lots of cool photos and videos from the Sarasota concert that you can check out before, including some more HQ photos from the Hollywood concert via Just Jared Jr!

ATL Amberj1219

But first check out this ROCK STAR moment for Derek! He’s been singing and playing instruments as long as he has been dancing… and music has always been a part of his being! I hope he releases an album in the future because I know one of his dreams was to be a rock star! LOL!

ATL Derek FL Concert IG


It's raining again, I'm dancing again! #happyintherain #ballroom

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Can I please be Julianne and Derek Hough's long lost sister? #MOVELiveonTour @moolybrooks @derekhough

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#moveliveontour #juliannehough #derekhough

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Great photos taken by Gregory Dotson at the Sarasota concert! Check them out here!

A mostly positive review of ‘Move Live on Tour’ from Arts Sarasota… But the author told me she loved the concert on twitter! LOL!

Before I come across as a cranky old biddy and incite the wrath of “DWTS” fanatics, let me say that there was plenty of amazing dancing talent on display too. The best, of course, came from the Houghs, who are blessed with a gene pool that combines insane physical agility, unbelievable good looks with a surfeit of charisma. (Oh, and they can sing too.) Between them, there wasn’t a single move in 90 minutes that seemed contrived, inauthentic or less than full-out, whether it was hip-hop to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” or jive to “Great Balls of Fire.”

Julianne’s singing was hampered only by excessive volume and Derek had an engaging way of making his between-numbers banter seem less than canned. Their frequent exchanges with audience members — moving through the house or inviting fans onstage to dance — amped up the enthusiasm level. Wisely, they avoided any “romantic” numbers together, opting for brotherly/sisterly jibes, including a round of “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better.” (Julianne won for holding the longest note and getting the most applause, which she scored by asking, “How many of you ladies would like to take Derek home with you tonight?”)

Derek rides around Lisa in Sarasota! 😉

Just Jared Jr photos from the Hollywood, Florida, concert! Check them out here!

From Clearwater!

‘Move Live on Tour’: Sarasota, FL (06/15/2014) – Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Tweets, Photos, and Videos!

Our ‘Move Live on Tour’ cast & crew finished up Florida with a matinee and night show at the Van Wezel P.A. Hall in Sarasota! A lot of happy fans tweeted out their excitement, photos, and videos! But check out the video of Derek dancing with Grandma Helen in a wheelchair! That guy is just so wonderful…. =) Next they are headed to Atlanta, Georgia, for their concert at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center on June 17! Check out all the great photos and videos I found below. including a lot of great pics from the Orlando show!



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‘Move Live on Tour’: Orlando, FL (06/14/2014) – Miscellanous Photos, Fan Tweets, Pics, Videos & Harry Potter!

‘Move Live on Tour’ landed in Orlando, Florida, on June 15 to play at Hard Rock Live! Derek took his MOVE Dancers to Universal Studios (including The Wizardly World of Harry Potter) for some fun before the show. The dancers are always so appreciative of Julianne and Derek calling them the “best bosses” constantly. Love how they are all bonding at each stop and creating so many wonderful memories!

I feel like Derek is like their *Dad*, always taking the kids to the amusement park! Hahahahaha! Or maybe big brother is a better comparison! Anyways, check out all the fun pictures from Universal Studios and all of the fantastic tweets, photos, and videos from fans who attended the concert at Hard Rock Live!

Universal Studios ORL Ashley2

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‘Move Live on Tour’: Hollywood, FL (06/13/2014) – Miscellanous Photos, Fan Tweets, Pics, and Videos!

‘Move Live on Tour’ played the Hard Rock Live Hollywood in Hollywood, Florida, on June 13! We got lots of fun photos and videos from Derek and the Move Dancers, including a trip to the dentist and their version of the the shopping cart dance…. LOL! I love how the cast has become so close, they are so hilarious with each other! Oh yeah…. Jake and Haley E hacked each others twitter and instagram accounts, as well! Another great show tonight based on fan tweets and comments! Check it all out below… =)


Just busted out the shopping cart dance. Let's see what you can do. staples.com/shoppingcartdance#15seconds

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I think this photo is just so cute!!! I think it’s from Jacksonville though. Thanks to Claudia on Instagram!

Hollwyood Claudia



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‘Move Live on Tour’: Jacksonville, FL (06/12/2014) – Miscellanous Photos, Fan Tweets, Pics, and Videos!

‘Move Live on Tour’ continued to the Florida Theater in Jacksonville on June 12 to a SOLD OUT show (I think)! Found lots of great tweets, pictures, and videos from very happy fans who attended the concert. =) Check them out below!

But first let’s admire this gorgeous photo that Derek tweeted on Instagram! Definitely from the ‘Move Live on Tour’ photoshoot, so it might be in the program!

Jacksonville Derek

The Florida Theater posted this photo on their official Facebook of the Q&A with Derek and Julianne! Be sure to visit their page to see if they add any more photos from the show!

Courtesy of The Florida Theater Facebook

Courtesy of The Florida Theater Facebook



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