“Move Live on Tour’s” Last Performance…. =(

MLOT backstage at YH Awards 07282014 Guttman PR

The day after “Move Live on Tour’s” last show in Los Angeles, Derek and the MOVE dancers had the privilege of performing one of their energetic numbers at the Young Hollywood Awards on July 27! Derek was nominated for “Hottest Body of Work” and “Best Bromance” with Mark Ballas.


They performed their fast-paced opening number with Nika and Brittany replacing Julianne for her parts with Derek. It was AMAZING to see them perform on television! I wish the entire “Move Live on Tour” show could be aired on television for all the fans to see…. 😉 Derek won the award for “Hottest Body of Work” (of course!), but lost out to Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill for “Best Bromance”.

Check out VIDEO of their performance on PureDerekHough!

Here are also some great screencaps from PureDerekHough!

Here is a video that I took with my phone of Derek accepting his award for “Hottest Body of Work”, but I messed up on the video of the performance… =P

Amy Purdy was also there to introduce Derek and the MOVE dancers and afterwards partied with them in celebration of the conclusion of their successful tour! Check out all the great pictures below!

Incredible HQ Photos from Zimbio pictures. Derek and the MOVE dancers pictured with host Kelly Osbourne and Louie Vito.

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‘MOVE Live on Tour’ Day Off in Chicago (07/07/2014)!

Chicago 7714 Kristy Sowin 2 IG

Our ‘Move Live on Tour’ cast & crew enjoyed a day off on July 7 and spent it in Chicago, Illinois! They are playing a SOLD OUT show in nearby South Bend, Indiana, tomorrow night at the Morris Performing Arts Center. As you can see, the dancers and Julianne’s personal assistant, Kristy Sowin, visited famous landmarks, such as The Bean at the Millennium Park. Check out the fun photos below…. also check out Derek and the Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM!! Isn’t that awesome… RED VELVET cupcake please!!! Hahahaha!

Hangin in Millennium Park today with these loves #chicagotourist #moveliveontour

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PARADE MAGAZINE also did a recent interview with Derek who discusses the tour, his new book, DWTS, and other fun stuff. Read an excerpt below!

Right now you’re on tour with your sister. What’s your favorite thing about performing in front of a live audience?
“Everything! I mean that’s literally why we did that. It’s my favorite thing. We did it for a lot of different reasons, but there’s nothing like that quite compares to performing in front of a live audience. Even if you feel tired or don’t feel like you can do it, the second those lights hit you, you just find something and I like connecting and I love it. Things go so fast and it’s so much fun.”

Between DWTS, the Move Live tour, and your other projects you seem to be constantly busy. What do you do in your down time?
“In my down time? Well I have a book coming out in August, so I’ve been working on that the past several months, but I love adventure. I love scuba diving and rock climbing–I love things that make me feel like Indiana Jones, basically. I love to go snowboarding—all the things that my producers would be terrified if I told them I was doing.”

via Amy Purdy IG

via Amy Purdy IG

Speaking of Derek’s book… He has finally started promoting it on twitter! His book, Taking the Lead: Lessons From A Life In Motion will be released on August 5, 2014, and Derek will be promoting the book on a national book tour. Check out the details at PureDerekHough. You can pre-order the book here and on Amazon!

Now, for the first time ever, Derek opens up about his life and the lessons he’s learned on and off the dance floor, revealing how he went from bullied boy to ballroom boss. He details how his experiences have taught him to embrace a positive outlook, and shares the insights he’s gained working with celebrity partners, along with never-before-told, behind-the-scenes stories from the show.

Throughout, Derek spills the real secrets of learning to dance—connection, respect, and cooperative commitment—and demonstrates how he draws on the lessons of dance and competition to embrace and overcome the daily challenges we all face.

Lastly, check out these wonderful photos from the iCourage Instagram account. I am not sure which show these photos are from, but I do know they are from this past week. I am thinking Windsor, ON…. =P

‘Move Live on Tour’: Bethlehem, PA (06/25/2014) – Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Tweets, Photos, and Videos!

Courtesy of Nik Roschko from Red Bank

Courtesy of Nik Roschko from Red Bank

‘Move Live on Tour’ played another SOLD OUT show at the Sands Bethlehem Event Center on June 25! Check out all the great photos and videos from the Julianne, Derek, the Move Dancers, and all the wonderful fans below!


Derek and the Move Dancers promoting his Kelloggs event in NYC


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‘Move Live on Tour’: Red Bank, NJ (06/24/2014) – Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Tweets, Photos, and Videos!

Red Bank Sbaccala

Another SOLD OUT show for ‘Move Live on Tour’ at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, New Jersey, on June 24 2014! But first the cast & crew enjoyed a much needed day off yesterday. It sounds like the Move Dancers relaxed in NJ, while Julianne celebrated her boyfriend’s (Brooks Laich) birthday, and Derek did some sightseeing in NYC (including the 9-11 Memorial). We also found out that NappyTabs is working on a mystery project for Broadyway! Congratulations to Napoleon and Tabitha!

But another reason that Derek was in NYC was because he has a surprise guest appearance on The View this morning! Check out photos and video at PureDerekHough!

Check out this review from Robert Johnson at NJ.com who went to the NYC Broadway show…. Don’t agree with some of it though!

Check out these great miscellaneous photos and videos from the cast & crew, as well as, the fans … Then check out all the great tweets, photos, and videos from the fans tonight at Count Basie Theatre!


Jake dancing in a bear costume!

Whos dancing bear is this??!

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‘Move Live on Tour’: Uncasville, CT (06/22/2014) – Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Tweets, Photos, and Videos!

MoheganSun MNJuliannehoughfan

‘Move Live on Tour’ landed in Uncasville, Connecticut, on June 22 at the Mohegan Sun Casino & Resort! They played a SOLD OUT crowd at Mohegan Sun’ arena and that means 6,587 filled seats! Check out the amazing Instagram video that Derek took of the audience below. I am just so happy how this tour is selling out in every city and being received so successfully!

I read over at the fan blogs at PureDerekHough that the success of this tour is most likely going to result in MORE tours in the future!!! Obviously! LOL! But they are also wanting to film a concert to release on DVD, which many fans are asking them on twitter. However, there are legal issues and red tape to get over, but they will try! So let them know that you want it!

MoheganSun Chrissi

Anyways, check out all the miscellaneous photos, fan tweets, fan photos, and videos from the Uncasville show below! Also, be sure to check out the beautiful photos taken by Jo Swafford from the Upper Darby concert!



SOLD OUT Arena tonight! So rad!!! Wahooo #moveliveontour #mohegansun #move

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‘Move Live On Tour’ Takes BROADWAY by Storm with Two Sold Out Shows! New York, NY (06/21/2014) with Amy Purdy & Shirley Ballas!

NYC Jeffrey3

On Sat, June 21, ‘Move Live on Tour’ played TWO SOLD OUT shows at the historic Beacon Theater on Broadway in New York, NY! Seriously, I hadn’t seen this many tweets, comments, shared photos, Instagram videos, and Youtube videos of one “Move Live on Tour” shown since opening night! Derek, Julianne, and the entire cast and crew TOOK BROADWAY BY STORM AND CONQUERED!!!!

Julianne even shed some tears of happiness in a Instagram video that she posted in thankfulness of her first time on Broadway. Derek has actually performed on Broadway previously in 2009 when he did a few shows of “Burn the Floor” and, of course, he starred in “Footloose” in London’s West End for a year or so! But it seemed like everyone… Jules, Derek, the dancers, all the fans were in absolute awe of the show and the success of the show at this venue! By the way, I also collected so many more videos and photos from the Upper Darby show and others that are included in this post so that you don’t miss them… Enjoy!

NYC Derek IG

What makes these shows even more special were two guest appearances by Derek’s most recent DWTS partner, Amy Purdy, and by Shirley Ballas! Shirley has been Derek and Julianne’s dance coach since they were children and pretty much raised them since the time they moved to London. She’s their “London Mom” and Derek even refers to her as ‘Mom’. =) Both Shirley and Amy took photos with lots of fans and were brought up on stage by Derek. Be sure to check out the video below!

NYC Shirley Ballas FB

Derek dancing with a little girl during the matinee show!


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‘Move Live on Tour’: Upper Darby, PA (06/20/2014) – Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Tweets, Photos, and Videos!

UpperDarby Jenny Tower Theater

‘Move Live on Tour’ played the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, on June 20 to an amazing crowd! Check out all the great miscellaneous photos from Derek, Julianne, the dancers, and some random photos I found on instagram. Fans were again very passionate about their love of Derek, Julianne and the show! Check out all the amazing tweets, photos, and videos from the fans…. Plus, some great videos I found from Nashville, Hollywood, and Park City!

But please go over to PureDerekHough and read this AMAZING BLOG by Heidi, the owner and mastermind of the fansite, who attended the Nashville concert! She writes about the details that no one else really writes about (very interesting!) and she has some great video and photos to share also!


Don’t forget to buy your copy of Derek and Julianne’s cover story on People Magazine! I got mine today and love all the photos!!

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