‘Move Live on Tour’: Phoenix, AZ (07/20/2014) – Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Tweets, Photos, Videos & More!

Happy Bday Jules HappyTroyBoy IG

Next stop on the ‘Move Live on Tour’ was in Phoenix, Arizona, where they performed at Comerica Theatre on July 20th. This was a special show because it was also Julianne’s 26th birthday! Both Derek and Julianne’s parents, Bruce and Marrianne, were there to celebrate Julianne’s birthday and enjoy the show. But before the show, many of the MOVE dancers cooled down from the Arizona heat at their hotel’s pool… 😉


Derek singing Happy Birthday to Jules!

Before the show, Derek, Julianne, and Armen visited the Boys & Girls Club of Phoenix where they met with the kids and danced parts of their incredible opening number. Armen posted this video on youtube with this comment:

Derek & Julianne Hough visiting Boys & Girls Clubs with Armen Way in Phoenix, AZ on July 20, 2014 – 26th Julianne’s birthday!!! Great atmosphere. We have learned some choreography and it turned to a freestyle circle. We did perform for a little , than the opportunity was given to the kids to show case their talent! So much fun!!!!

View this post on Instagram

I danced with a star #moveliveontour @derekhough

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Some very special moments during the show!

Derek dances with somebody special onstage

Julianne hugging her dad Bruce… Aww!

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‘Move Live on Tour’: Riverside, CA (07/19/2014) – Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Tweets, Photos, and Videos!

Durham DPAC IG

‘Move Live on Tour’ went down south to Riverside, California, for a SOLD OUT matinee and night show at the Fox Performing Arts Center on July 19! Since Riverside is so close to Los Angeles, many of Derek and Julianne’s friends came out to the show. We also saw our co-creators/directors Napoleon and Tabitha (NAPPYTABS) at the show supporting their beloved cast & crew. It was so good to see them again with Derek, Julianne, and all the MOVE dancers.

Riverside Nappytabs reunion IG 2

Check out all the fun miscellaneous photos from the cast, crew, and fans!



Once again, the Riverside fans were amazed by “Move Live on Tour”! Checkout all the fun tweets, photos, and videos that I found from the Riverside fans!


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‘Move Live on Tour’: Reno, NV (07/18/2014) – Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Tweets, Photos, and Videos!

Reno kjh23b

‘Move Live on Tour’ performed at the Silvery Legacy Resort & Casino on July 18 in Reno, Nevada! To be honest, this show is kind of the blip in the tour because I barely saw anything about the show…. =( I do know that Julianne and Derek’s mother, Marrianne, was there with them because a fan got a photo with her. =) Please enjoy the tweets, photos, and videos I found from the Reno show!



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A Family Reunion & a Visit to Primary Children’s Hospital for Julianne and Derek Hough!

SLC Heaton Family Reunion 07162014 Paintvalues IG

During some time off during the ‘Move Live on Tour’ visit in Utah, Julianne and Derek some more time with their VERY BIG family! In attendance were Grandma Heaton (maternal grandma), their mother Marrianne, sisters Katherine and Sharee, many nieces and nephers, as well as, many cousins. It looks like they had a BBQ at the park prior to the show and the night before a fireworks show thanks to Derek! LOL! Check out all the great family pictures below. Derek also had a special dance with his mom during Mustang Sally during the show… 😉 Check out the video below!

SLC Derek IG Grandma Heaton 2

SLC Derek IG Hough Sisters and Mom

SLC Paris Wise IG

SLC Hough Heaton Reunion MLOT

SLC Katherineh82 IG with Derek

SLC cjwhitt Hough Friends

SLC Derek & Grandma Heaton PaintValues IG

SLC Julianne & Grandma Heaton PaintValues IG


Found more photos!

Julianne brings up Rick Robinson (Derek & Julianne’s 1st dance teacher) & friend Jaymz Tuaileva!

Derek, Julianne, and Armen also visited children at Sophie’s Music Place at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. They spoke to the kids, danced a little, took pictures, and signed photos with the kids and their families. We have some great professional photos by Sugar Rush Photography.



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A great article from the Deseret News of Derek and Julianne’s visit to Primary Children’s Hospital!

The Hough siblings were en route to their live tour and agreed to visit Primary Children’s Hospital even after a traffic accident delayed them and their crew.

“The Houghs are kind of family friends of Steve Young, and so the Forever Young Foundation coordinated to bring them here and have them perform,” said Sandra Orton, the hospital’s communications specialist.

During the event, held in the hospital’s music-therapy area, the siblings performed a salsa dance, answered questions, signed autographs and talked with the children.

Julianne and Derek Hough provided such a distraction for each child in attendance.

“They went out into the crowd and they met with every single patient in that room,” Orton said. “They were cute with the children, and you could tell they really enjoyed being there. It was really fun to see them interact with the kids and how sweet they were with them.”

In conjunction with the superhero theme, staff members hung a poster in the playroom that read, “Spider-Man’s real identity revealed,” which featured the picture of a young patient.

“Derek noticed the connection,” Orton said, “and walked up to the kid and said, ‘Hey, can I shake your hand? It’s really cool that I now know who Spider-Man is.'”

Read the entire article here!

‘Move Live on Tour’: West Valley/Salt Lake City, UT (07/17/2014) – Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Tweets, Photos, and Videos!

SLC Tashalynne

It was a happy homecoming for Julianne and Derek as their successful ‘Move Live on Tour’ played the Maverik Center in West Valley/Salt Lake City, Utah, on July 17th! However, there was a setback in that the show had to be postponed by a day (original show date 07/17/2014) because the tour buses were delayed by a freeway accident. Julianne and Derek took to social media to let their fans know that the show would be delayed and gave their condolences to anyone who might have been affected by the accident.

SLC show postponed DH FB

On the up side, this gave Julianne and Derek some more time with their VERY BIG family! In attendance were Grandma Heaton (maternal grandma), their mother Marrianne, sisters Katherine and Sharee, many nieces and nephews, as well as, many cousins. Check out all the great photos below!


More Family Photos!

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‘Move Live on Tour’: Denver, CO (07/15/2014) – Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Tweets, Photos, and Videos!

Denver Bailey2

‘Move Live on Tour’ played a SOLD OUT show at the Paramount Theater in Denver, Colorado, on July 15th! Unfortunately, Derek was still feeling the pain from the injury he got at the end of the Grand Forks show and we found out that he had hurt his back. =( Derek also shared a video on Instagram of him getting treatments, including psoas and dry needling. Looks painful, but I guess it worked for him because he said that he “felt like a new man”! I hope that Derek truly is healing and not dancing in pain. Good thing the tour ends in 10 days!

Denver Derek IG Hurt Back

Check out the fun miscellaneous photos below! There is also a video and photos from Julianne and Derek’s visit to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Oh yeah, NBA basketball player Jimmer Fredette and his wife Whitney also attended the concert!


Derek getting some pain therapy for his back… =(

Check out this great review of the Denver show from John DiTirro for The Examiner! Great photos also!

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Check out these photos & a video of Derek and Julianne at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital courtesy of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Check out all of the great comments/tweets, fan photos, and videos from the fans who attended the Denver show!


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‘Move Live on Tour’: Grand Forks, ND (07/13/2014) – Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Tweets, Photos, and Videos!

Derek hugging Brooke Van Reede

Derek hugging Brooke Van Reede

‘MOVE Live on Tour’ played the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota, on July 13! This was their 3rd concert in a row, but cast & crew were still rocking it 110%…. but sadly, Derek tweeted that he sustained a minor injury at the end of the show and apologized to the fans waiting outside to meet him. What a sweetheart! Hope your injury heals fast Derek! Good thing they have today (July 14) off before their concert in Denver, CO, tomorrow.

Grand Forks - Derek IG injury

Nina Dobrev was also there, tweeting out some fun photos from rehearsal and before the show. This was her 3rd concert in a row… Lucky girl! Derek and Julianne also brought a lovely young lady named Brooke Van Reede up on stage. Check out all the great tweets, photos and videos below. Oh yeah, there was something new last night… a CONGA LINE!!


This will NEVER get old!!!!!!!

Review & photos from last night’s show from WDAY Channel 6 news!


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