Music of ‘MOVE Live on Tour’ … So far!

Just created a spotify list of all the songs that I’ve heard or read are included in ‘Move Live on Tour’! I’ve collected 25 songs so far, but I definitely know that there are more! Let me know some songs that I am missing in the comments and I will add them to my playlist… =)

Move Live On Tour Music List 1Move Live On Tour Music 2

I know that Julianne sings an original song that she wrote called “What Are Your Waiting For”. We have also yet to hear Derek’s new song ‘Move’ which you can download on ‘Move Live On Tour’s’ official website on the tour…. =(

Julianne singing “What are You Waiting For”

My fanvid to “Move”! Also @HoughAddict just posted the lyrics on her Tumblr! Check it out here!


New ‘MOVE Live on Tour’ Website, Derek Hough’s New Song, & a Tribute Video to ‘Move’!!!

The ‘Move Live On Tour’ official website has been remodeled and it’s looking fantastic! Note how there is now categories for videos and pictures! Can’t wait to see what they share with us… =) Uhhh… I just checked out their photo gallery for rehearsals…. HOOOOOOT!!!!!

This morning, fans got a treat from the website! A FREE download of the song ‘Move’, which is an original composition from Derek Hough! The song has a positive and uplifting message and a definite rock sound. I’ve been getting some questions on if it’s Derek singing the song … and IMO, it is him! I saw him sing live last summer at his concerts with the California Philharmonic and I just feel that it’s him. Plus, both Julianne and Derek have always said they will be singing during their tour. Derek even saying further that he will be performing his original music! I know we will find out sooner or later when fans share more info about their experiences!

Go here to download the song. To save the song to your computer, right click on HERE and click on ‘save link as’. It should download the song without any problems!

In honor of this wonderful gift we got this morning, I made this music video! Enjoy!