‘MOVE Live on Tour’ Day Off in Chicago (07/07/2014)!

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Our ‘Move Live on Tour’ cast & crew enjoyed a day off on July 7 and spent it in Chicago, Illinois! They are playing a SOLD OUT show in nearby South Bend, Indiana, tomorrow night at the Morris Performing Arts Center. As you can see, the dancers and Julianne’s personal assistant, Kristy Sowin, visited famous landmarks, such as The Bean at the Millennium Park. Check out the fun photos below…. also check out Derek and the Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM!! Isn’t that awesome… RED VELVET cupcake please!!! Hahahaha!

Hangin in Millennium Park today with these loves #chicagotourist #moveliveontour

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PARADE MAGAZINE also did a recent interview with Derek who discusses the tour, his new book, DWTS, and other fun stuff. Read an excerpt below!

Right now you’re on tour with your sister. What’s your favorite thing about performing in front of a live audience?
“Everything! I mean that’s literally why we did that. It’s my favorite thing. We did it for a lot of different reasons, but there’s nothing like that quite compares to performing in front of a live audience. Even if you feel tired or don’t feel like you can do it, the second those lights hit you, you just find something and I like connecting and I love it. Things go so fast and it’s so much fun.”

Between DWTS, the Move Live tour, and your other projects you seem to be constantly busy. What do you do in your down time?
“In my down time? Well I have a book coming out in August, so I’ve been working on that the past several months, but I love adventure. I love scuba diving and rock climbing–I love things that make me feel like Indiana Jones, basically. I love to go snowboarding—all the things that my producers would be terrified if I told them I was doing.”

via Amy Purdy IG

via Amy Purdy IG

Speaking of Derek’s book… He has finally started promoting it on twitter! His book, Taking the Lead: Lessons From A Life In Motion will be released on August 5, 2014, and Derek will be promoting the book on a national book tour. Check out the details at PureDerekHough. You can pre-order the book here and on Amazon!

Now, for the first time ever, Derek opens up about his life and the lessons he’s learned on and off the dance floor, revealing how he went from bullied boy to ballroom boss. He details how his experiences have taught him to embrace a positive outlook, and shares the insights he’s gained working with celebrity partners, along with never-before-told, behind-the-scenes stories from the show.

Throughout, Derek spills the real secrets of learning to dance—connection, respect, and cooperative commitment—and demonstrates how he draws on the lessons of dance and competition to embrace and overcome the daily challenges we all face.

Lastly, check out these wonderful photos from the iCourage Instagram account. I am not sure which show these photos are from, but I do know they are from this past week. I am thinking Windsor, ON…. =P


Half-Way Point of ‘Move Live on Tour’ & They’re Still Going Strong! (Misc Media)

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We are pretty much at the halfway point of ‘Move Live on Tour’ and the cast & crew had a day off on June 30 prior to their show at The Palace at Greensburgh, Pennsylvania on July 1. It sounds like one of the crew members organized a BBQ as many of the dancers tweeted photos from it. We also got some great interviews and blogs from Julianne and Derek that you can check out below!!

Read Julianne’s blog on her official website about reaching the midway point of the tour! Also check out the fun pictures she shared from tour life… =)

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Derek talks to USWeekly about how grueling ‘Move Live on Tour’ has been, but also adds it’s insanely fun! He’s interviewed at the Kelloggs event he did last week in NYC. Make sure you check out the fun video at the article also!

Kelloggs NYC 08262014l

Please make sure you read this AMAZING interview that Derek did with Today’s Woman Now where he discusses his gratitude for his success and fans over the years, as well as, new details about ‘Move Live on Tour’…. like it could have just been based at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas! Below is an excerpt from the interview.

Derek Hough’s Attitude of Gratitude

When I mention that Hough’s attitude of gratitude was so apparent that season that it seemed to me as though he choreographed everything from a state of pure joy, Hough enthusiastically concurs. “Yeah! I was creating from a state of pure joy and gratitude!”

He muses: “There’s a science to success I feel. (You) can follow certain people in their footsteps…follow certain paths. There is a certain science to it. Whereas fulfillment is an art. And I really feel like the fulfillment element of it wasn’t there (at DWTS) for me for a while, he continues. “And then all of a sudden I changed my perspective. And certainly, with Sochi paralympian bronze medalist Amy Purdy (with whom Hough came in runner up on DWTS’s very recent season 18) it was truly incredible to have that experience. Having Amy as my partner transcended the whole competition aspect of the show,” Hough declares.

Hough, who won a 2013 primetime Emmy Award for choreographing some DWTS pieces explains the origins of his choreography: “Whenever I hear a song that I’ve been given to choreograph something to, the very first thing I see is color. A color of what the mood is…of the style…the feeling. So the color is the first thing that speaks to me in music. And from there I try to emulate those colors with movement.”

Julianne is also the cover girl for the August issue of Redbook magazine! Check out Eonline’s article of Julianne’s cover and some beautiful photos!

Jules Redbook August Issue

Lastly, here are some fun photos and interviews from the BBQ!

BBQ with the cast . #moveliveontour

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And here are some fun videos from HoughAddict on Instagram!

From Durham:

‘Move Live on Tour’: Baltimore, MD (06/27/2014) – Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Tweets, Photos, and Videos!

Derek Hough Performs at the Kellogg's Recharge Bar

Exciting few days for the ‘Move Live on Tour’ cast!

On June 26, Derek took Nika, Josh, and Brittany to NYC for his Kelloggs Recharge Bar event. He and Nika choreographed an adorable ‘Cereal and Milk’ dance which you can see in the video from Kelloggs below. Check out my post on the Kelloggs event here, including lots of photos and more video!

Then later that night, everyone celebrated Move dancer, Ashley Galvan’s 24th birthday at the Baltimore Harbor!

Baltimore Ashley Bday IG

‘Move Live on Tour’ played (i think) a SOLD OUT crowed at the Modell Theater in Baltimore, Maryland, on June 27! Check out all the fun photos, tweets, and videos below!!!


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Derek, Nika, Jake, & Brittany doing the Cereal and Milk Dance for Kelloggs NYC Recharge Bar!

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Derek took some of his Move Dancers to NYC with him (after their Bethlehem show) for his Kelloggs event on June 26 at the Kelloggs recharge bar! Nika and Derek choreographed an adorable “milk and cereal” dance and they, along with Jake and Brittany, performed it for the media and some fans! Check out the video below!

Kelloggs behind-the-scenes video #1.

Kelloggs behind-the-scenes video #2.

Check out the great photos from Just Jared Jr from the Kelloggs event! Love the solo ones of Derek!

Check out all the great photos from the event!