‘MOVE Live on Tour’: St. Louis, Missouri (May 30) – Fan Photos, Tweets, & Videos!

‘Move Live on Tour’ visited the historic Fox Theater in St. Louis, MO, on May 30 to a SOLD OUT crowd!! Almost 4000 people! Check out what some of them had to say about the show!

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‘MOVE Live on Tour’ Fan Blogs from Pure Derek Hough

05302014 Derek Insta St Louis

My favorite fansite for my love Derek Hough, Pure Derek Hough, is collecting and posting fan blogs, including their photos and videos! Collecting them all here in one post! 😉 By the way, anyone can write a blog for them. Just send them an email on their website! Click on the links to read the blogs!

Rachel W.- Park City, Kansas (5/28/2014)

Andrea – Park City, Kansas (5/28/2014)

KUGurl89 – Park City, Kansas (5/28/2014)

Kelsey – Tulsa, Oklahoma (05/29/2014)

Tiffany – Tulsa, Oklahoma (05/29/2014)

Amy – Tulsa, Oklahoma (05/29/2014)

Amy – Tulsa, Oklahoma (05/29/2014) PART 2

Harriet Eloise – San Antonio, Texas (06/03/2014)

Kashti – Houston, Texas (06/04/2014)

Alice E. – Robinsonville, Louisiana (06/07/14)

Madalaine – New Orleans, Louisiana (06/08/2014)

Lisa – Clearwater, Florida (06/10/2014)

Natasha – Jacksonville, Florida (06/12/2014)

Christine – Hollywood, Florida (06/13/2014)

Heidi aka PureDerekHough – Nashville, Tennessee (06/19/2014)

Falyn – New York City, New York (06/21/2014)

Roseann – New York City, New York (06/21/2014)

Susanna – New York City, New York (06/21/2014)

Mahli – New York City, New York (06/21/2014)

Deanna – New York City, New York (06/21/2014)

Kalina – New York City, New York (06/21/2014)

Cathy – New York City, New York (06/21/2014)

Jo – Upper Darby, Pennsylvania (06/20/2014)

Dari – Upper Darby, Pennsylvania (06/20/2014)

Kaitlyn – Uncasville, Connecticut (06/22/2014)

Cindy – Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (06/25/2014)

Steph – Baltimore, Maryland (06/27/2014)

Eniko B – Baltimore and Washington D.C. (06/28 – 06/29/2014)

Steph – Greensburg, Pennsylvania (07/01/2014)

Kelly – Greensburg, Pennsylvania (07/01/2014)

Jessi – Cincinnati, Ohio (07/02/2014)

Cecilia – Orillia (07/04/2014)

Josi – Windsor (07/05/2014)

Lacey Silks – Windsor (07/05/204)

Courtney – Windsor (07/05/2014)

Holly P – South Bend, Indiana (07/08/2014)

Belle W – Chicago, Illinois (07/11/2014)

Jane – Sioux City, Iowa (07/12/2014)

Bernadette – Denver, Colorado (07/15/2014)

Vogue – Denver, Colorado (07/15/2014)

Harriett – Salt Lake City, Utah (07/18/2014)

Megan – Phoenix, Arizona (07/20/2014)

Melissa – Phoenix (07/20/2014)

JOANNA – San Jose, California (07/24/2014)

Lana – San Francisco, California (07/25/2014)

Scarlett – San Francisco, California (07/25/2014)

Jennifer – Los Angeles, California (07/26/2014)

Elmari – Santa Rosa, San Jose, San Francisco, California (07/23-07/25/2014)

‘MOVE Live on Tour’ Miscellaneous Photos and Video – St. Louis, MO (May 30)

Sad news today… We found out that supervising choreographer, Kyle Hanagami, is finished with his work with ‘Move Live on Tour’ and is headed back to LA to work on his other projects. But even sadder news, creative directors Napoleon and Tabitha (and baby London) are also leaving the tour to work on Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming tour. I’m sad that they are not going to be a part of the daily ‘Move Live on Tour’ news, but I am sure that we will be seeing them at other tour dates coming up… most likely closing night in Los Angeles!

05302014 Nappytabs thank yous

Anyways, here is a collection of photos and videos that Derek, Julianne, Nappytabs, Kyle, and many of the dancers shared with us today!


Julianne singing ‘Let It Go’

London dancing to ‘Shout’!

A few nice youtube videos from Tulsa!!



‘MOVE Live On Tour’ Miscellaneous Photos and Video – Tulsa, OK (May 29)

So my miscellaneous photos are photos I gathered during the day prior to the actual live show. So this collection could actually consist from the the night/show before. I also put all of the photos and videos from our ‘Move Live on Tour’ cast and crew in these posts…. =) Just in case anyone was wondering…. Click on the pictures to make them bigger!

05292014 Nappytabs Insta

Jules taking an ice bath after the Tulsa show! Poor thing!

REVIEWS & MORE – ‘MOVE Live on Tour’ Opening Night in Park City, Kansas (May 28)

05282014 Derek Insta 2

Love this review by Denise Neil from The Wichita Eagle, who after reading the review, thought of the show as almost perfect! The show is described as a “two hour song-and-dance extravaganza”! Note that the original song that Julianne sings is called “What Are Your Waiting For” and the siblings perform a charming duet of “Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)”.

PCK Courtney 2

I’ve included some of my favorite parts:

When they opened their first tour together – a two-hour song-and-dance extravaganza called “Move Live On Tour” – at Park City’s Hartman Arena on Wednesday night, celebrity brother and sister Julianne and Derek Hough danced what seemed like a zillion complicated steps, and if they missed any, it was hard to tell.

Though opening night was not without its occasional hiccup or awkward moment, the sold-out crowd of 3,220 people ultimately surrendered to the urgings of the energetic, absurdly fit Houghs and their cast of 10 backup dancers to move, dance, sway, throw their hands in the air and jump around like crazy people.

The siblings, both more-than-decent singers, also belted out several songs, starting with a harmonizing duet of pop ballad “Say Something.” Julianne performed several songs on her own, including a tune she wrote called “What are You Waiting For.” The duo also sang a charming duet of “Anything You can Do (I Can Do Better)” during which they playfully compared their career achievements.

Read more here!


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‘MOVE Live on Tour’: Park City, Kansas – Fan Photos, Tweets, and Videos From Opening Night!!!

From the way that twitter blew up, it sounds like opening night at the Hartman Arena was a HUUUUUGE success!!! Honestly, there was so much stuff being tweeted and instagrammed, it was hard keeping up! I don’t know if I can do this every night… we’ll see! =)

Collected a bunch of my favorite tweets about tonight’s show. Some are really funny too!

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Sooooo… a few spoilers I gathered from twitter and Instagram. Derek did NOT sing the new song ‘Move’ during the show… =( But he does sing ‘Say Something’ with Julianne, as well as, ‘Mustang Sally (his all time favorite…lol). Julianne sang ‘Stars’, originally by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals. I was also told that Julianne sang an original song.

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