‘Move Live on Tour’: Denver, CO (07/15/2014) – Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Tweets, Photos, and Videos!

Denver Bailey2

‘Move Live on Tour’ played a SOLD OUT show at the Paramount Theater in Denver, Colorado, on July 15th! Unfortunately, Derek was still feeling the pain from the injury he got at the end of the Grand Forks show and we found out that he had hurt his back. =( Derek also shared a video on Instagram of him getting treatments, including psoas and dry needling. Looks painful, but I guess it worked for him because he said that he “felt like a new man”! I hope that Derek truly is healing and not dancing in pain. Good thing the tour ends in 10 days!

Denver Derek IG Hurt Back

Check out the fun miscellaneous photos below! There is also a video and photos from Julianne and Derek’s visit to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Oh yeah, NBA basketball player Jimmer Fredette and his wife Whitney also attended the concert!


Derek getting some pain therapy for his back… =(

Check out this great review of the Denver show from John DiTirro for The Examiner! Great photos also!

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Check out these photos & a video of Derek and Julianne at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital courtesy of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Check out all of the great comments/tweets, fan photos, and videos from the fans who attended the Denver show!


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‘Move Live on Tour’: Sioux City, IA (07/12/2014) – Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Tweets, Photos, and Videos!

Sioux City OrpheumLive

‘Move Live on Tour’ played the Orpheum Theater in Sioux City, Iowa, on July 12! Once again the fans raved about the show… no surprise! Generous fans shared some wonderful video and photos which you can see below. Nina Dobrev (Julianne’s bff & actress from Vampire Diaries) was also there for her second show in a row… Check out the video Derek shared on his instagram of Nina dancing with the MOVE dancers on the bus after the show! It looks like the dance party doesn’t stop after the show. I love everyone’s energy!

Sioux City OrpheumLive3

When the bus is rockin, keep on a knockin’!

Check out this awesome review by Joanne Fox for the Sioux City Journal, who sounded like she absolutely loved the show!

“Sioux City, you guys are awesome!” Julianne shouted at the end of the song.

“We feed off of your energy,” Derek pointed out. “So the more energy you have, the harder we will dance for you.”

The presentation showcased the legendary footwork of Derek, 29, and Julianne, who will turn 26 on July 20, which resulted in seven mirror ball trophies for the pair.

Ballroom purists may have been hoping for some “slow, slow, quick, quick” foxtrot steps or “cotton eye Joe” country moves. But the incorporation of a variety of dance styles, special effects, fabulous video projections and spectacular lighting was outstanding on a simple set that had a nine-step staircase and several large black cubes for different levels of dancing.

Derek was particularly strong in a shirtless number as were his backup male dancers with their own six-pack abs. Their moves were so precise and provocative, it was hard to decide whether to hold up a paddle (like the DWTS judges) or go out and have a cigarette.

Not to be outdone, Julianne – in a breath-taking, red sequined dress – performed a Latin dance with her support dancers. Then, Derek joined her, still shirtless, as a toreador, and they flawlessly danced a paso doble, with Derek doing some fancy twirling of Julianne’s skirt, as if he were preparing for a bullfight.

Read more here!



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‘Move Live on Tour’: Chicago, IL (07/11/2014) – Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Tweets, Photos, and Videos!

Chicago Derek Chicago Theatre IG

‘Move Live on Tour’ landed in Chicago, Illinois, on July 9 and performed what sounds like an absolutely AMAZING show! Many of our MOVE dancers commented on Instagram and twitter about the incredible audience. It really does make a different to them the amount of energy the audience gives…. the more you give them, the more they give back to us!!

But first, the cast & crew enjoyed a day off in Chicago and many went sightseeing based on their Instagram photos. One of Julianne’s best friends and Derek’s ex-gf, Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries), surprised Julianne and Derek by attending their Chicago show, as well. Check out all the fun photos below!!


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HQ Photos from Minneapolis, MN, concert at Northrup Auditorium!!

Check out this interesting interview that Derek did with AZ Central in lieu of their show in Phoenix, AZ, on July 20.

Q: How difficult is the show?

A: It’s extremely challenging. We’re in every single number. It’s pretty relentless.

Q: So how do you relax after that?

A: That’s the thing. I went straight from “Dancing With the Stars” to this show and then will go into my book tour (his first book, “Taking the Lead,” will be published in August). It’s momentum. It’s always good, to keep moving and keep going.

Q: What’s more pressure: Being judged on “Dancing With the Stars” or doing this?

A: I wouldn’t say there’s more pressure. There’s just more of a standard, if you know what I mean. I always hold a certain standard for myself, whether you’re playing for 6,000 people or 700 people. I always want to make sure I go up there and give the best performance I possibly can, and I want to get better and better.

Derek also started to promote his new book coming out on August 5th called “Taking the Lead: A Live Lived in Motion”. I cannot wait to read this book and learn what makes this guy tick! Haha! Make sure you pre-order the book here!

Love the fan response from the Chicago show! Check all the great tweets, photos, and videos taken from last night. I also read that Derek, Julianne, Nina and other friends went to a nearby club after the show!


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HQ Photos from the Chicago Theater Facebook!

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From Minnesota:

‘MOVE Live on Tour’ Miscellaneous Photos and Video – St. Louis, MO (May 30)

Sad news today… We found out that supervising choreographer, Kyle Hanagami, is finished with his work with ‘Move Live on Tour’ and is headed back to LA to work on his other projects. But even sadder news, creative directors Napoleon and Tabitha (and baby London) are also leaving the tour to work on Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming tour. I’m sad that they are not going to be a part of the daily ‘Move Live on Tour’ news, but I am sure that we will be seeing them at other tour dates coming up… most likely closing night in Los Angeles!

05302014 Nappytabs thank yous

Anyways, here is a collection of photos and videos that Derek, Julianne, Nappytabs, Kyle, and many of the dancers shared with us today!


Julianne singing ‘Let It Go’

London dancing to ‘Shout’!

A few nice youtube videos from Tulsa!!