‘Move Live on Tour’: FINAL SHOW in Los Angeles, CA (07/26/2014) – Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Tweets, Photos, Videos & More!

Courtesy of Derek Hough IG

Courtesy of Derek Hough IG

“Move Live on Tour” played the last of its 48-show tour in Los Angeles, California, at the famous Orpheum Theater on July 26…. an it was SOLD OUT (of course!). This was a homecoming for Derek, Julianne, and many of the dancers after an exhausting, yet fulfilling, two months of constant performing, traveling, and dancing. Many of Derek and Julianne’s loved ones and friends came to support them in this last show including their parents Bruce and Marrianne, Shirley Ballas; Julianne’s friends Cara Santana & Pia Toscano; and Derek’s DWTS Season 18 partner, Amy Purdy!

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“Move Live on Tour” supervising choreographer, Kyle Hanagami, also attended the last show and this is what he had to say:

LA MLOT Kyle Hanagami Instagram Message

Courtesy of Kyle Hanagami IG

Courtesy of Kyle Hanagami IG

In fact… Derek, Julianne, and all of the MOVE dancers were very reflective of their last show in LA. They were all incredibly GRATEFUL for the experience and thankful to the fans. Check out their wonderful tweets and comments about this last show and the tour.

Even though this was the last show of the tour…. Derek has alluded to the idea that the tour was SO SUCCESSFUL that they could be going on tour again, as soon as “next year”. I am sure that this piece of news made many people very happy! So until next year…. 😉 But another small “Move Live on Tour” treat was that Derek and the MOVE dancers performed one of their numbers on the “Young Hollywood Awards”. I have a post coming up on that as well! =)

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Please enjoy all of the miscellaneous photos from the “Move Live on Tour” cast, crew, and fans. The Los Angeles fans were FANTASTIC tweeting so many photos, instagram videos, and youtube videos. We even have a wonderful video of Derek and Julianne’s ‘Goodbye Speech’ and the the cast giving each other hugs. Please check them out below. This is my favorite photo from the last show…. =)





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Derek speaks about his experience with ‘Move Live on Tour’ with Kristyn Burtt


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Derek and Amy Purdy






Derek and Julianne Hough Move Live on Tour. Awesome show!! Wish I got more video…

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@derekhough @juleshough #moveliveontour final performance.

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@derekhough @juleshough are amazing talents! #moveliveontour

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‘Move Live on Tour’: Sioux City, IA (07/12/2014) – Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Tweets, Photos, and Videos!

Sioux City OrpheumLive

‘Move Live on Tour’ played the Orpheum Theater in Sioux City, Iowa, on July 12! Once again the fans raved about the show… no surprise! Generous fans shared some wonderful video and photos which you can see below. Nina Dobrev (Julianne’s bff & actress from Vampire Diaries) was also there for her second show in a row… Check out the video Derek shared on his instagram of Nina dancing with the MOVE dancers on the bus after the show! It looks like the dance party doesn’t stop after the show. I love everyone’s energy!

Sioux City OrpheumLive3

When the bus is rockin, keep on a knockin’!

When the bus is rocking , keep on a knocking ! #moveliveontour

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Check out this awesome review by Joanne Fox for the Sioux City Journal, who sounded like she absolutely loved the show!

“Sioux City, you guys are awesome!” Julianne shouted at the end of the song.

“We feed off of your energy,” Derek pointed out. “So the more energy you have, the harder we will dance for you.”

The presentation showcased the legendary footwork of Derek, 29, and Julianne, who will turn 26 on July 20, which resulted in seven mirror ball trophies for the pair.

Ballroom purists may have been hoping for some “slow, slow, quick, quick” foxtrot steps or “cotton eye Joe” country moves. But the incorporation of a variety of dance styles, special effects, fabulous video projections and spectacular lighting was outstanding on a simple set that had a nine-step staircase and several large black cubes for different levels of dancing.

Derek was particularly strong in a shirtless number as were his backup male dancers with their own six-pack abs. Their moves were so precise and provocative, it was hard to decide whether to hold up a paddle (like the DWTS judges) or go out and have a cigarette.

Not to be outdone, Julianne – in a breath-taking, red sequined dress – performed a Latin dance with her support dancers. Then, Derek joined her, still shirtless, as a toreador, and they flawlessly danced a paso doble, with Derek doing some fancy twirling of Julianne’s skirt, as if he were preparing for a bullfight.

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