A Family Reunion & a Visit to Primary Children’s Hospital for Julianne and Derek Hough!

SLC Heaton Family Reunion 07162014 Paintvalues IG

During some time off during the ‘Move Live on Tour’ visit in Utah, Julianne and Derek some more time with their VERY BIG family! In attendance were Grandma Heaton (maternal grandma), their mother Marrianne, sisters Katherine and Sharee, many nieces and nephers, as well as, many cousins. It looks like they had a BBQ at the park prior to the show and the night before a fireworks show thanks to Derek! LOL! Check out all the great family pictures below. Derek also had a special dance with his mom during Mustang Sally during the show… 😉 Check out the video below!

SLC Derek IG Grandma Heaton 2

SLC Derek IG Hough Sisters and Mom

SLC Paris Wise IG

SLC Hough Heaton Reunion MLOT

SLC Katherineh82 IG with Derek

SLC cjwhitt Hough Friends

SLC Derek & Grandma Heaton PaintValues IG

SLC Julianne & Grandma Heaton PaintValues IG


Found more photos!

Julianne brings up Rick Robinson (Derek & Julianne’s 1st dance teacher) & friend Jaymz Tuaileva!

Derek, Julianne, and Armen also visited children at Sophie’s Music Place at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. They spoke to the kids, danced a little, took pictures, and signed photos with the kids and their families. We have some great professional photos by Sugar Rush Photography.



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A great article from the Deseret News of Derek and Julianne’s visit to Primary Children’s Hospital!

The Hough siblings were en route to their live tour and agreed to visit Primary Children’s Hospital even after a traffic accident delayed them and their crew.

“The Houghs are kind of family friends of Steve Young, and so the Forever Young Foundation coordinated to bring them here and have them perform,” said Sandra Orton, the hospital’s communications specialist.

During the event, held in the hospital’s music-therapy area, the siblings performed a salsa dance, answered questions, signed autographs and talked with the children.

Julianne and Derek Hough provided such a distraction for each child in attendance.

“They went out into the crowd and they met with every single patient in that room,” Orton said. “They were cute with the children, and you could tell they really enjoyed being there. It was really fun to see them interact with the kids and how sweet they were with them.”

In conjunction with the superhero theme, staff members hung a poster in the playroom that read, “Spider-Man’s real identity revealed,” which featured the picture of a young patient.

“Derek noticed the connection,” Orton said, “and walked up to the kid and said, ‘Hey, can I shake your hand? It’s really cool that I now know who Spider-Man is.'”

Read the entire article here!


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