‘Move Live on Tour’: Nashville, TN (06/18/2014) – Miscellaneous Photos, Fan Tweets, Photos, and Videos!

‘Move Live on Tour’ landed in Nashville, Tennessee, today playing to both a matinee and SOLD OUT night show at the Ryman Theater!! I saw so many tweets tonight raving about Derek, Julianne, and the show… thanking them for inspiring them, for their love and spreading positivity in the world! I know that like minded celebrities attract like minded fans, and Hough fans are THE BEST! Check out all the wonderful photos that Derek, Jules, and the Move Dancers tweeted out today… as well as, all the wonderful tweets, comments, photos and videos shared by those that went to the Nashville concerts today!

Check out the INCREDIBLE audiences in Nashville and Atlanta in Derek’s instagram video! Amazing!

ATL and NASHVILLE bringin the energy ! #moveliveontour

A post shared by Derek Hough (@derekhough) on

Oh yeah… Julianne and Derek’s People Magazine Cover was released today and you can check out part of that article and all the great photos here!

AltaModaCom Houghs PPL Magazine

But please go over to PureDerekHough and read this AMAZING BLOG by Heidi, the owner and mastermind of the fansite, who attended the Nashville concert! She writes about the details that no one else really writes about (very interesting!) and she has some great video and photos to share also!


Good times at TOOTSIES after the show tonight !

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Check out this amazing photobucket album from @BallasHoughFan! She has over 400 pictures on there! Check them out here!


@derekhough and @juleshough singing Say Something! #moveliveontour

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@derekhough dancing SHIRTLESS. Ladies, you are WELCOME

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@derekhough you about made all my Christian morales just FLY STRAIGHT OUT OF NASHVILLE LORD JESUS

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My 3 Faves! Wonderful show, pure talent. #moveliveontour @derekhough @juleshough @dance10paul

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It's not what you think… (Sorry @harrystyles) Happy Birthday @clare_steele!

A post shared by sarah steele (@sarahpancake) on

Julianne & Derek Hough #moveliveontour in Nashville. Great show!

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I think these are from Sarasota!

@juleshough @derekhough #moveliveontour #movetour

A post shared by Deana Mathes (@deanahmathes) on

"Say something I'm giving up on you." @juleshough @derekhough #moveliveontour #movetour

A post shared by Deana Mathes (@deanahmathes) on

Oh, the sheer talent of these two! @juleshough @derekhough #moveliveontour #movetour

A post shared by Deana Mathes (@deanahmathes) on

Still on a high from last night's show. #obsessed #talent @juleshough @derekhough #moveliveontour #movetour

A post shared by Deana Mathes (@deanahmathes) on


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