Derek and Julianne on the Cover of People Magazine for June 30, 2014!

People MLOT houghs-768

Being a fan of both Derek and Julianne for the last 7 years…. it just makes me so happy and proud to see this magazine cover! I first fell in love with Jules because I loved her and Apolo so much. But Derek really hooked me during his first season and I was a goner by season 7 with Brooke Burke! I’ve loved and followed his career so closely every since then. I can’t even describe my happiness when he won the Emmy last year and to see his back-to-back wins in 2011 and 2013. I love them both, but Derek is my #1 love!

But what makes me happy is to see them do this together. Not just the magazine cover, but to do a live tour together, to create a production company together, to produce their upcoming show ‘Blackpool’ together. They have a sibling and a working relationship that I adore! I just feel that no matter what, ups and downs in life, through all the girlfriends and boyfriends (past, present, future), even possibly marriages and kids…. Derek and Julianne will always have each other to depend on 1000%! Ok, done being so mushy!!

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Derek and Julianne’s People Magazine Cover Issue this Friday, June 20th! Here is a little of the article:

They endured a grueling schedule that had them leaving the house every morning at 6:45, taking the subway by themselves and heading to school. “I remember one of my first days there I got off at the wrong train station,” Julianne says. “I was just standing there thinking, ‘Where am I?’ ”

They battled homesickness, and young Julianne especially struggled with the pressure of trying to fit into the mature world of ballroom dance. Thanks to her spray tans and competition makeup, “When I look back, I think it’s so sad I have no pictures of me with a cute, bare, 10-year-old face,” she says.

But today, the two agree that their success is due to the sacrifices they made as kids and their years of hard work.

“People will say, ‘How could your parents let you go off to do that?’ ” Derek says. “I think it’s great that they saw an amazing opportunity. That is the reason we are here today.”

There is also a short video at the People article of the ET TV hosts talking about Julianne and Derek and their closeness!

A few more photos:

Found some more great photos and collages! Click on the photo to make bigger… 😉

Beautiful new photo!


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