‘Move Live on Tour’: Jacksonville, FL (06/12/2014) – Miscellanous Photos, Fan Tweets, Pics, and Videos!

‘Move Live on Tour’ continued to the Florida Theater in Jacksonville on June 12 to a SOLD OUT show (I think)! Found lots of great tweets, pictures, and videos from very happy fans who attended the concert. =) Check them out below!

But first let’s admire this gorgeous photo that Derek tweeted on Instagram! Definitely from the ‘Move Live on Tour’ photoshoot, so it might be in the program!

Jacksonville Derek

The Florida Theater posted this photo on their official Facebook of the Q&A with Derek and Julianne! Be sure to visit their page to see if they add any more photos from the show!

Courtesy of The Florida Theater Facebook

Courtesy of The Florida Theater Facebook



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OH MY GOD @derekhough 😍 #moveliveontour

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#derekhough is amazing

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Found this 8 minute highlight video from the concert in Houston! Thanks to Ana Garza on youtube!


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