‘Move Live on Tour’ Miscellaneous Photos and Videos – Robinsonville, MS (June 5-6)

The ‘Move Live on Tour’ cast and crew didn’t have a show on June 5 as they traveled down to Robinsonville, Mississippi, in which they have a SOLD OUT show! Here’s some photos and videos they have been posting, as well as, some random ones I found!

Derek dancing with a little girl at the Boys & Girls Club in Houston!

Jake Kodish freestyling on the tourbus!

Jake killin it on the bus

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Part 2

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#moveliveontour Harley 🙂

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Found this video on Facebook, but it’s from Park City, Kansas!

Harriett Eloise uploaded 14 short videos from the San Antonio show! There are some really good ones in there like full verions of “Shout”, “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better”, and Derek jumping over a woman! I have included one video below, but be sure to watch all her videos here!


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