More fun ‘Move Live on Tour’ Stuff from Houston, TX! Photos, Videos, Blogs, & Reviews!

Lots of fun ‘Move Live on Tour’ stuff while our cast was in Houston! Check it out!!!

Courtesy of ABC13

Courtesy of ABC13

Derek, Julianne, and the Move Dancers visited a local Boys & Girls Club while in Houston. We have some great photos from local ABC news affiliate, ABC 13! There are tons of nice photos, so check them out here! Below is a video of the cast performing ‘Happy’ for the kids! Thanks to Thomas Goggins for the video.

Rick Florino wrote a fabulous review for ‘Move Live on Tour’ from the Houston show for ‘Artist Direct’! I’ve included an excerpt below, but be sure to click on the link to read the entire article!

Consistently, we hear, “It’s all been done before”, “there’s nothing new out there”, or “nobody’s original anymore”. Julianne Hough and Derek Hough disprove all of those pervasive pop culture complaints (and more) with their current roving spectacle Move Live On Tour.

Simply put, you’ve never seen this before. It’s completely original and totally new. It’s also the most engaging, energetic, and exciting show you can see right now. There!

Keep that in mind, this is a “show” in the most timeless sense of the word, yet it bristles with a fresh and fiery vitality courtesy of its brother and sister stars. Last night in Houston, they certainly kept the crowd moving for nearly two hours.

Taking the stage with a host of flawless backup dancers, they rocked through a futuristic hip-hop routine rife with physical fireworks. It didn’t stop there though. Whether Derek was donning a red Matador jacket and sliding across the stage in succinct salsa steps or Julianne lithely moved in tandem with each beat locking eyes with the audience, they continually transfixed.

The official ‘Move Live on Tour’ website uploaded a photo gallery of 28 HQ photos from opening night in Park City, Kansas! I included one above, but be sure to click here to view all the amazing photos!

Here is a short blog from Kelly Ruth, who attended the San Antonio show. She writes that “The two of them are so inspiring and motivational. What an honor it was to get to meet them! I was able to get VIP tickets and I got to meet with both of them and I fell even more in love with them. Julianne Hough has always been a role model to me, but actually being able to meet her was pure joy.” Read the rest of her blog and view some of her photos here!

Derek and Julianne also had a special guest at the Houston show… Corky Ballas! Corky has been Derek and Julianne’s dance coach since they were children and has helped to raise them since Julianne was 10 years old and Derek 12 years old when they moved to London. Here are some photos that fans took with Corky!

Black Betty (funny cameo by Derek at 0:47)

Mustang Sally

Lastly, here are some great instagram videos that I found today! Cannot wait to see this show!

Derek Tap Dancing



Holy Grail

Feel Again


#moveliveontour Harley 🙂

A post shared by Ashley Galvan (@ashley.galvans7) on

Derek grabbed this fan @jahfan1 and took her on stage to dance!

A few more fun pictures that I found!


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