What’s SOLD OUT so far on Julianne and Derek Hough’s ‘MOVE Live On Tour’!

05262014 PCK Nappytabs

Tonight ‘Move Live on Tour’ kicks off its first show at the Hartman Arena in Park City, Kansas! Here are some things about the tour that you might be interested in knowing:

  • Tour lasts from May 28 to July 26 (2 months).
  • There is a show almost every night. They get a night off in between shows only 15 times.
  • There are 43 cities on this tour.
  • So far, there are 49 shows in this tour. Matinees seemed to be added as shows sell out and there is a demand for tickets.
  • The 6 cities that added matinee shows: Clearwater, FL; Sarasota, FL; Nashville, TN; Durham, NC; New York, NY; Riverside, CA.
  • (At least) 23 cities have SOLD OUT general admission.
  • (At least) 21 cities have SOLD OUT VIP admission.

I wanted to point out that I actually think there are more shows that are sold out, yet not have been updated on the official website. For example, notice that some of the venues that have added matinee shows don’t show a SOLD OUT next to the evening show. Then I saw this tweet by WinStarWorld Casino in Thackerville, OK:

MLOT Thackerville OK

On the website it doesn’t say sold out, yet the venue is stating it is. Anyways, here is the most current info on the show off of ‘Move Live on Tour’ website (click on the picture to make bigger):

05262014 MLOT Schedule

05262014 MLOT Schedule #2

 And here is what it is going to look like for our ‘Move Live on Tour’ cast on OPENING NIGHT in Park City! Woo-hoo!

MLOT Park City 52814



2 thoughts on “What’s SOLD OUT so far on Julianne and Derek Hough’s ‘MOVE Live On Tour’!

  1. Great post! I definitely think there are a lot more sold out than is indicated on their website. If you click a few of the links to buy tickets it will say there is nothing more available. And it looks like as of now there are only 6 tickets left!

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