‘MOVE Live On Tour’ Miscellaneous Photos and Media… So Far (Park City, Kansas)

Courtesy of Nappytabs Instagram

Courtesy of Nappytabs Instagram

Loving all these photos as they get ready for OPENING NIGHT!Click on the pictures to make them bigger!



I’m so in love with London! He’s a natural… watch out for him dance world! LOL!

Drums!!!!! #BackStageBaby.

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Julianne and Derek were also interviewed by Kara Sewell from KWCH-12, a local news station for Wichita. It’s a 9 min interview, so we get a lot of good details! I love how they said that they do have disagreements, but they bring out the best in each other. I also love how Derek wanted to showcase his company dancers and “make them shine” because they are amazing! Derek and Julianne started as company dancers in the early DWTS tours in 2006 before either were on the show! Look at them now!!

Interview with MOVE: Live on Tour’s Derek and Julianne Hough.

Youtube version


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